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Reblog: Tap of Energy

Reblog: Tap of Energy

I was looking for some motivational reading this morning when I came across this post by my friend, philosopher and guide, Suneel Agarwal. A very good read in the morning.

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friends-memoriesJune 26, 2013 is what it is today….. Circa 1983, 30 years ago, when I left school and entered Junior college (Ruia college). Those were the days. Never realised that you forge friendships at the age of 16 – 19. And ditto for habits. So you could have picked up right or wrong friendships, habits. Am I glad I made the right choice then. Handful of my friends honestly and I know they are not the kinds to even read this except for one. But last Sunday was a pleasant visit of a friend’s Mama who had been to his house and he had back a gift, a watch for me. 30 years ago at the Ruia orientation, he and me got talking thanks to phosphorescence and the watch glowing in the dark. That got us started and honestly time doesn’t come in the way. We still talk like idiots, nonsensical blabbering, cuss words, you name it and it continues as is. I was telling my nephew last week as he embarks on the beaten path at Ruia soon, that these years are formative years of your friendship so make sure you make make the right choice.

Circa 1998….. This is the day Rincon India Solutions Pvt. Ltd. came into being….. So Rincon is 15 years old (as Shirishbhai corrected me not old but young) today. So many people met along the way, such a brilliant team, so many friends made, so many different journeys (including a visit to Buenos Aires via Sao Paolo!). Newer things learnt, greyed, wisened, received bouquets, brickbats …. A memorable journey indeed.

As I sit back and look back at life, I must teach Kavya to make good and long lasting friendships and enjoy this journey called life.

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Rincon’s 14th Birthday

June 26th, 1998 was the date of incorporation of our company, Rincon India Solutions Pvt. Ltd. And on Tuesday Rincon will complete 14 years. A journey that began in Matunga and we chugged along as we have helped customers alleviate their pain areas. So many places visited, so many people met and so many new friends made along the way. It has been a very satisfying journey all thanks to the great team we have.

As part of the celebrations, the team went yesterday (June 23, 2012) to a home for the aged in Andheri where we had sponsored a lunch. I could not make it there unfortunately as Kavya had some classes to attend but from what I heard it was a very nice and clean place and inmates were very nice too. There were people who made handicrafts and so they bought some of those things. This was followed by a Team Lunch with family at Andheri with a last-minute change of venue:-) Had a great time and look forward to another year and hopefully giving something more to the society at large.


Satyanarayan Puja at office

We plan to have the Puja at office on Saturday 14th Feb. I did the puja for G-10 office and then Yogesh did it for 206. So this time we decided to select other married couples by a draw of chits. We selected 2 names just in case the first named couple backs out due to any reason. The first name came up was that of Ruchir and his wife and the next was Shankar and his wife. Let us see who after all gets the privilege.


Team Work Kuch Paana hai Kuch kar dikhana hai

My cell phone has always been a Nokia and my welcome message has always been Kuch Paana hai Kuch kar dikhana hai…. which means we want to achieve something, we want to prove ourselves….. This is lifted from an advertisement for Gilbey’s green label some liquor or such which is probably extinct who knows but it still remains in my mind. I have looked all over the place to get that entire jingle but no luck. It could be a very good theme song for Team Rincon. I am pasting below what I found from the UB group web site:

Gilbey’s Green Label campaign

At the heart of the new campaign for Gilbey’s Green Label lies the optimism to triumph over all odds. Leveraging the “anything is possible” mood of the country, the brand hopes to strike a chord with confident, determined and ambitious young people across professions.

The rapidly growing economy is fast diminishing the divide between small towns and metros with a multitude of opportunities. This gives Gilbey’s Green Label an ideal platform to ride on the wave of optimism through its proposition, Kuch Paana Hai, Kuch Kar Dikhana Hai!

The ads capture this attitude with the refrain “Toh Kya Hua” through evocative executions that celebrate the pursuit of dreams.


Team Work

Well all this time this quote was attributed to Jeeson who joined our team a week ago but this was written by Narayan, a friend of Harshad on the whiteboard at office…..

“Together we can, together we will”

Very nice words.