Time – Some thoughts as they come to mind

Yesterday being a Sunday, I had the liberty of indulging myself. I watched a Gujarati drama in which there was a very profound dialogue or so I felt. The protagonist said “You can turn off the tap to stop the flow of water but even if you turn off your clock, time will continue toContinue reading “Time – Some thoughts as they come to mind”

Invest time to hone presentation skills?

Wondering if there is a need for someone to take the time out from the busy schedules to improve presentation skills? I would strongly urge you to do so. Presentation skills come in handy all the time and not only when you are in a business meeting. Just as you need to take a bathContinue reading “Invest time to hone presentation skills?”

MTNL – do you even care for customers?

I have a prepaid number which to date was used only for friends and family who would come from abroad and use it temporarily. Never had the opportunity to ask for service as it was sparingly used. This week I decided to use it on my iPad for data and that is when all hell brokeContinue reading “MTNL – do you even care for customers?”

Ludo – Life lessons for us adults

Over the weekend I played the board game of Ludo on the Tablet with Kavya. (OK I admit, it is not a board game any more on the tablet). There were some lessons I learnt as I discussed with Kavya. Time and patience – You need to wait for your turn and then have toContinue reading “Ludo – Life lessons for us adults”

Time – Where do we find that?

This morning I realised that aside of Sundays, I barely get to spend time with Kavya. Monday to Friday she has school in the mornings from 9 am to 3 pm and I return home by 7 pm only. We do get some minutes in the morning as she is rushing through her chores whileContinue reading “Time – Where do we find that?”