Plagiarism in Hindi Music

I was amazed or rather awestruck at the cut copy paste in Bollywood music. Received this as a forward from Rahul which started off a discussion between Pranav, Kashyap, Rahul and me. Mind you I have NOT heard all of these songs but the compilation is amazing….. Pranav then sent a website with songs listed….Continue reading “Plagiarism in Hindi Music”

Air Deccan or a passenger train?

I have never had a penchant for Air Deccan but since got the coupons on Club Mahindra and since they were expiring on 311206, decided to use them. Booked myself by the 0845 Air Deccan to Coimbatore. Reached the airport at 0745 only to be told that it is taking off at noon. Killed timeContinue reading “Air Deccan or a passenger train?”