Linux Mint on my netbook

Thanks to Sandeep at office and today I have Linux Mint installed on my netbook. The netbook is a Lenovo S10-3 which I plan to use at home as most of the times I am living in the cloud. Normally I would have installed Ubuntu but thanks to Pranav’s recommendation, I decided to try thisContinue reading “Linux Mint on my netbook”

Meaningless Meeting Requests?

I am an ardent fan and try to make the most of the free Google Apps (eat your heart out – those who did not grab the offer when it was free). As a matter of fact I have migrated from MS Outlook to Thunderbird and thereon from Windows to Ubuntu thanks to the cross-platform working of theContinue reading “Meaningless Meeting Requests?”

A year since migration to Thunderbird

February 19, 2011 was the day I completed a year of migration from MS Outlook to Thunderbird. While I continue to remain an ardent fan of MS Outlook, that does not mean I am against Thunderbird. They have their own pros and cons with the cost going against MS Outlook. Let me admit it wasContinue reading “A year since migration to Thunderbird”

Edubuntu it is…..

Edubuntu is the educational flavour of Ubuntu and it is simply too good as a teaching aid to teach children. Kavya has an upcoming maths assessment and as a part of that she is expected to know tables of 2, 5 and 10 randomly. Came across this wonderful option, Tux Math in Edubuntu in whichContinue reading “Edubuntu it is…..”

Opensource finally

I have finally migrated to Ubuntu last week and it marks a transition after decades of “non open source” usage. It is definitely a mind shift change as you are so used to certain features and here you have to dig out where it exists (maybe if someone using Ubuntu for so long would migrateContinue reading “Opensource finally”