Random thoughts mid air

These are thoughts that came to my mind when flying back from Delhi to Mumbai on July 31, 2014 onboard the Go Air flight. You realise the value of games only when you are on a flight, tired and nothing but the phone in airplane mode for company. Why did I remove all of them?Continue reading “Random thoughts mid air”

Beginning of my Toastmasters Journey

Yesterday, January 25, 2014, marked the beginning of my journey as a Toastmaster as I presented my Project 1 (P1) speech. Way back in 1989, I had joined Nazareth Speakers’ Academy and had done the course there along with Parin and Yogesh. But like you need to take a shower daily, you need to speakContinue reading “Beginning of my Toastmasters Journey”

Missed Flight – Beggars can’t be choosers

This line has been used by me very often and have shortened it to BCBC. Today (January 17, 2014) I find myself in that spot honestly. Was to board the 1800 flight from Delhi to Mumbai and I was kinda over confident that the flight would be delayed considering the fog etc. The counters closeContinue reading “Missed Flight – Beggars can’t be choosers”

Cycling – A week past – Findings

I am enthused by my new-found love for cycling. For the past week I have been using it off and on and let me tell you every ride has memories of one form or the other. Day 1, Saturday March 30, 2013 I went to Hanumanji Temple in Wadala and 5 gardens. A trip toContinue reading “Cycling – A week past – Findings”

Rode a bicycle after 28 years

Yesterday I finally took the plunge and bought the Hercules 110s. I have been a cyclist right from Standard III when I bought the first maroon BSA SLR from a shop in Kalbadevi. This faithful friend of mine was stolen some 6 years later and I ended up in tears (A vehicle always has sharedContinue reading “Rode a bicycle after 28 years”

VJTI’s Pratibimb – A journey from 1988 to 2011

1988 was the centenary year of VJTI (Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute then) and we were organising the centenary celebrations including Pratibimb which was the inter college youth festival. I distinctly remember those days when getting sponsors was an absolute nightmare yet we managed to get some sponsors whose names are etched in my memory PinkContinue reading “VJTI’s Pratibimb – A journey from 1988 to 2011”

Listening and seeing Dr. Narayana Murthy

Yesterday (December 20, 2009) as part of the VJTI Alumni meet, we had the privilege of having Dr. Narayana Murthy, founder of Infosys as the chief guest. He arrived on time and the event started off on time. His speech was brief and to the point on the pitfalls in the education system of IndiaContinue reading “Listening and seeing Dr. Narayana Murthy”