It is potable and not portable water…..

This morning (December 28, 2013) I came across this headline in the Business Standard which stood out like a sore thumb. Portable water???? Gimme a break will ya? Potable water means water that is fit or suitable for drinking. The word portable means carried or moved with ease. So get a life proof readers. Spell checkContinue reading “It is potable and not portable water…..”

Festivals in India – Can’t we have them free of pollution?

Let me admit, I am no saint. It is not that I don’t believe in God but I just don’t agree with this idea of blind faith, idol worship etc. Fine these are my thoughts so people who don’t like this concept please leave this post now. My pet peeve has always been the noiseContinue reading “Festivals in India – Can’t we have them free of pollution?”

Fire – Made an eventful Sunday

It sure was an eventful Sunday. I walked to Siddhivinayak in the morning and after breakfast I was sleeping on the sofa itself (It was raining in Australia and so I thought the match would be washed out). I woke up as there was some commotion and I saw Santosh (our man Friday) rushing towardsContinue reading “Fire – Made an eventful Sunday”

Jetlite – Crossing all limits of a low cost carrier

Writing from my flight from Rajkot to Mumbai and am flying Jetlite. Just asked the hostess for some water and she informed me that water is 20 Rs. after take off. This is really the limit. No one offered us water before take off nor did they inform us that post take off they wouldContinue reading “Jetlite – Crossing all limits of a low cost carrier”